Vasna Ya Prem (Passion or Love) - A Real Fact | Pure Love Story | Mega Short Films

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This is a warm presentation from Mega Short Films, A Real Love Story "Vasna Ya Prem (Passion or Love)".

Some young couple enjoying themselves in front of rtunately an old tramp passerby asked them for sitting there and take a little hit of the fire. Suddenly he told them his own life story.

A boy gets tremendous physically attracted to a young beautiful Lady who was older than day the lady gets married with her fiance.

Unfortunately the boy became mad and disappeared forever.

Story : Madhuchanda Ghosh

Screenplay : Soumya Sarkar

Editor : Chandrenath Bhattacharyya

Executive Producer : Arup Mondal

Producer : Sucharita Chaterjee

Director : Juiee Sarkar

Music Director : Sussanta Mukharjee

Casting : Soumya Sarkar, Roshini, Sudip Chkraborty,Sarashi Ghosh,Bapi Das,Rohit Kumar,Nabanita chakraborty,Gopi Sharma,Piyali Dey,Anupam

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