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【鮮一杯咖啡】幸福來了 The Way to Happiness Ep074
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Happiness Frequency - Serotonin Release Music, Happiness Meditation Music with Binaural Beats
Happiness Frequency - Serotonin Release Music, Happiness Meditation Music with Binaural Beats. Greenred Productions meditation music with binaural beats (brainwave music) can work as sleep music, studying music, relaxing music and many more. Relaxation music can also be used as Spa music and Massage music. Here you can find powerful self-help hypnosis including healing music, Zen music and yoga music. Some sessions are produced for your inner transformation: to overcome fear, elevate your mood and energy levels, and lose weight faster. Meditation music recordings also include reiki music, Zen meditation music and deep trance hypnosis sessions.
We compose instrumental and electronic music that is specially designed to enhance brain function and concentration, spa and massage therapy, and healing music therapy. For this reason, we use binaural beats. There are many types of beats for different daily meditation purposes: Delta Waves – Sleep Music / NREM sleep, Alpha Waves are neural oscillations, Theta Waves (Cortical theta rhythm and Hippocampal theta rhythm). Beta waves associated with muscle contractions in isotonic movements, Gamma waves can help to release serotonin, endorphin and dopamine, so it works as happiness music for depression treatment.
* Sleep Music – Insomnia Music:
Greenred Productions deep sleep music sessions have been specifically created to relax mind and body physically and mentally. Brainwave sessions are suitable for everyone including babies, children, and adults. Sleep hypnosis is based on beautifully slow, soft, soothing music to help you to fall asleep within minutes, naturally and without the aid of medication. These sleep meditation sessions will put you into relaxing healing sleep and will train your mind to fall asleep effortlessly.
Relaxing sounds of nature combined with soothing music offers you a peaceful sleep. Would you like to learn to control your dreams, overcome nightmares? Lucid dream meditation sessions will help you to get into a deep state of relaxation and have a more pleasant sleep. Say no to sleep insomnia! Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel music episodes are the most popular.
* Study Music and Focus Music:
Study Music & Concentration Music is brainwave background music to help you to study, focus, and concentrate on learning process and work more effectively. Alpha Waves help your mind to get to the state of focus, which is perfect for studying or preparing for exam or test you have at school or university. It also maintains your alertness while studying. Beta waves will help to concentrate for tasks, enhance intelligence.
* Healing Frequencies and Healing Music:
Our composed relaxing music works very well for Deepak Chopra meditations, Zen meditation techniques, Buddhist meditation chants and Mindfulness meditation techniques. Healing meditation is influenced by Indian meditation music and Japanese meditation music. Healing frequencies can help opening the Third Eye, cleansing the Chakra, and improve Transcendental meditation skills. Our binaural beats meditation helps to heal long-standing physical ailments naturally. Choose to heal both physically and emotionally.
* Spa Music and Massage Music:
The spa music is usually combined of nature sounds, rain sounds, acoustic piano, and some easy listening instruments. Ultimate relaxation music is great for massage therapy. Increase your feelings of empowerment and creativity.
* Reiki Music & Zen Music:
Reiki Music and Zen Music by Greenred Productions is a perfect choice for Reiki healing sessions and going into a deep state of Zen. Powerful Reiki vibrations are an alternative medicine technique. Our brainwave entrainment music also includes Isochronic Tones for Cognition and Stress Management.
* Yoga Music:
Here you will find yoga audio for beginners, yoga exercises, and yoga chants with relaxing music helping you to go into a deep kundalini yoga trance.
* Chakra Meditation Music:
We also offer balancing and healing sessions for all the chakras including Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra.
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- Google+
- Twitter
- Our website

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Token - Happiness (Official Music Video)
Stream - tokenhiphop/happiness

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Produced by Kato

Directed by Ben Proulx

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Happiness is all in your mind: Gen Kelsang Nyema at TEDxGreenville 2014
Simple, profound truths are the realm of this Buddhist nun. Her message? The gift of happiness truly lies within our own hearts and minds. Gen Kelsang Nyema, exuding a peacefulness that immediately connects with the audience, starts by asking three questions: Are you having a good day? Why? Tomorrow, would you rather have a good day or a bad day? She teaches that we cannot put our happiness at the whim of other people and of circumstances. If we want to be happy, we have to "stop outsourcing our happiness to other people" and cultivate a source of inner peace. What happens next is quite astounding. The whole crowd of 350+ people proceeds to meditate with Nyema. There's a little squirming at first, but as she leads the audience through a calm citation of how to rest the mind, audience members feel a collective relaxation flow into the room and through the people. Fascinating! Refreshing.

This talk was part of TEDxGreenville UNZIPPED, held April 11, 2014, at the Kroc Center in Greenville, South Carolina. For more information about Gen Nyema and her co-presenters, please visit 2014presenters

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
Cyanide and Happiness Compilation - #17
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Time for a brand new compilation!

Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

Cage Fight
Homeless Problem
Happy Bears
The Milkshake
Seed Gun
Squeaky Clean
Movie Night
Grandpa's Stories
The Waterpark
When Will It End
Pool Party
The Punishment
НЕ В ДЕНЬГАХ СЧАСТЬЕ (2017) Обалденная мелодрама, Фильмы сериалы новинки 2017
НЕ В ДЕНЬГАХ СЧАСТЬЕ (2017) Обалденная мелодрама, Фильмы сериалы новинки 2017
Spooking Hazard - A Cyanide & Happiness Announcement
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Haunting Dreams by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: song/249/haunting-dreams
ULYANARAW & АНДРЕЙ СЧАСТЬЕ — Прыщи на СЕ, химозные фрукты, отказ от орехов и зелени, здоровье
Друзья, с радостью представляю вам продолжение бесед (ЧАСТЬ II) с известным сыроедом и фрукторианцем со стажем — Андреем Счастье! В данном видео вы узнаете:

0:13 — как Андрей Счастье выявляет химию во фруктах
0:33 — откуда перхоть и сыпь на фрукторианстве
2:00 — немного об Алексее Мартынове
2:16 — как влияет откат на веганство на сыроеда
3:34 — почему Андрей Счастье не ест зелень
4:45 — как отказаться от орехов (зачем есть через силу?)
7:05 — лучший способ того, как слезть с непотребной пищи


Канал Андрея Счастье: channel/UCfNgHT0PAczw6f5fdNNh8hg

Моё интервью с Андреем Счастье на его канале: watch?v=c3WGg6MKe0E&t=1040s

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Дата съёмки: 7 июля 2017
Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #6
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Another compilation, just for you! So what can we say? It's ok, you're welcome!

Public Speaking
No Hands
Speed Racist
Quarterly Report
Senior Cleanfist

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Как достичь счастья | любовь отношения счастье психология
Как достичь счастья | любовь отношения счастье психология
🔔 Мастер класс жизнь без панических атак всд и невроза ▶ VzsqVs


☑️Психолог по тревожным и эмоциональным расстройствам. Дипломированный клинический психолог в направлении психологической коррекции и психотерапии. Кандидат наук, а также официальный эксперт радио и газеты "Комсомольская правда".

☑️Автор книги "Психотерапия страха и панических атак", автор системы избавления от панических атак и тревожного расстройства в которой 26 видео уроков, автор пошаговой методики избавления от тревожного расстройства. Работает в рамках когнитивно-поведенческой психотерапии, которая признана Всемирной организацией здравоохранения наиболее эффективной в лечении тревожно-фобических расстройств.

☑️Проводит консультации по видеосвязи скайпа по всему миру. Получил более 100 отзывов о результатах курса психотерапии по скайпу. Более 50 - это видео отзывы.

☑️Работает с проблемами тревожного и эмоционального характера: Панические атаки, вегето-сосудистая дистония, невроз, тревожное расстройство, фобии, социофобия, ипохондрия, навязчивые мысли, низкая самооценка, повышенная эмоциональность, вспыльчивость, раздражительность, обидчивость, плаксивость.

☑️На сегодняшний день стоимость курса психотерапии составляет 50 тысяч рублей (800 евро или 850 долларов) - это комплексная непрерывная работа, которая включает еженедельные консультации и поддержку в чате скайпа на всем протяжении курса, а также выполнение домашних заданий.

☑️Перед тем, как пройти курс, проводится бесплатная консультация по видеосвязи скайпа. Заявку на бесплатную консультацию можно оставить на сайте ▶ ?utm_source=video&

как стать счастливым,счастье,как стать счастливой,любовь,как быть счастливой,как стать счастливой женщиной,любовь к себе,как полюбить себя,отношения,психология,хочу стать счастливой,счастливая женщина,как стать счастливым человеком,женщина,как принять себя,что такое счастье,счастливая жизнь,женское счастье,стать счастливой,как быть счастливым,как стать счастливее,как достичь счастья,как жить счастливо,эзотерика,Александр Палиенко,Палиенко,тренинги,лекции
Осенняя рыбалка на Самарке. Рыбацкое счастье от 17.10.2017
В этот осенний солнечный день мы практически на лодочной станции на Самарке поищем щуку, а возможно нам попадется и судак.

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Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #15
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It's time for a new compilation!

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Arts & Crafts
This Old Store
Sweet Flips
Barbershop Quartet Hits on Girl From Taxi
Barbershop Quartet Performs Surgery
The Delivery
Ladder:Part 2
Smoke Signals
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Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #3
6.5" F-Bomb ► VbtxQS
13" F-Bomb ► tzT8aw

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Wow, compilation #3! Which short was your favorite?!
(We don't actually care... or do we)?

Tell My Wife
Totally Forgot
The Beard
The Wardrobe
Public Bathroom
Ted Bear
Put 'Em Down
Mother's Day Cake
Man's Best Friend

Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!
Menumas - Happiness
Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #8
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Ask for a Sad Larry compilation; get a Sad Larry compilation!

Sad Larry
Agent 7
Atta Boy
Sad Sad Larry
Ghost Cops
Ghost Whisperer
Sad Larry in Love
Ladies Night
Looking Good
It's a Sad Christmas, Larry

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宇多田ヒカル - Goodbye Happiness
「Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.2」のリード楽曲としてデジタル先行配信リリース。宇多田ヒカル(宇多田光)初監督作品。表現者としての「宇多田ヒカル」がコンセプト。
Utada Hikaru - Goodbye Happiness
Pre-released digitally as the lead single of "Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.2." This is also Hikki's directorial debut. The concept is "Hikki as creator."
Confidence, Happiness & Motivation - Waterfall Sounds Subliminal Session - By Thomas Hall
This is a subliminal recording and should not be listened to while driving or operating machinery. Headphones are not needed for this recording.

If you would like to support my channel, you can do so via Patreon. I would be eternally grateful for any help you can offer. Here is the link: thomashall


Q. Do I need headphones to listen to this recording?

A. No, you do not need headphones. The messages have been embedded in a variety of ways, ensuring they can be absorbed either with or without headphones.

Q. Can I listen while driving or when I’m at work?

A. No. You should refrain from doing anything that requires concentration such as the operation of machinery or driving. This is for your own safety as some people may experience temporary drowsiness. I recommended that you listen while sleeping, relaxing, meditating, or enjoying activities such as drawing or reading.

Q. Do I need to watch the screen?

A. No, you don’t need to watch the screen. The messages are only embedded in the audio recording, so you just need to listen.

Q. Why can't I hear any talking?

A. This is a subliminal recording, which means the affirmation messages are hidden within the audio.

Q. How do subliminal messages work?

A. Compered to regular audio, the subliminal affirmation messages are recorded at many different frequencies and volumes, therefore you will be unable to hear the messages consciously. Because you are unable to hear the messages consciously, they bypass the part of your mind that analyses information, thus enabling the messages to go directly to your subconscious mind, allowing them to be absorbed as a factual new reality.

Q. Can I sleep while listening?

A. You can listen to this recording whilst asleep or awake, both methods are effective.

Q. How long until I get results?

A. It varies. Some people will only have to listen for a matter of minutes to notice an improvement, whilst others will need to listen for several hours over the course of a few days.

Q. At what volume should I play the recording?

A. At whatever volume you find most comfortable.

Q. What do the messages in this recording say?

A. Here is a list of all the affirmations/messages in this recording.

I am a confident person

I can talk to people with extreme confidence

I am a happy person

I have fun everyday

I am a motivated person

I always get things done

I am full of energy

I can talk to large groups of people

I have the energy to do anything

I am a positive person that can see the good in every situation

I get things done because I am a motivated person

I have complete confidence in myself and my abilities

I can achieve anything I set my mind to

I am a good person

I feel wide awake and motivated everyday

I am a fun person

People enjoy spending time with me

I feel good about myself

I am motivated to succeed in everything I do

I love my life

I have an exciting future full of possibility

People respect me

People find me interesting

People like me

I am a relaxed person

I am a calm confident person that can do anything

I deserve to be happy

I am happy

Life is good

My confidence grows stronger everyday

I am aware of how powerful my mind is

I am a positive person

I am a motivated person

People like me because I am a happy person

My levels of motivation grow stronger everyday

I can achieve anything I set me mind to

(((((All of the above are repeated throughout the recording)))))

Thank you for listening, for a full range of subliminal, binaural beats and hypnosis recordings please subscribe.

Credit line

Background music/sounds: from pond5 - in accordance with Copyright Law.

Royalty free video from:

Everything else by Thomas Hall - (C) Copyright 2016
An Experiment in Gratitude | The Science of Happiness
What makes you happy? Have you ever wondered why? Join us as we take an experimental approach on what makes people happier. Behind the Scenes of the episode! ufmxRozpxNA

Watch The Science of Happiness - Episode 2 here! ApoYwEeDNrc

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All songs by Lullatune
""Little things swimming under a microscope""
""The Hands of a Clock""
""Brass Practice""
""Riding a bike down a big hill and taking your feet off of the pedals""

""Dance it, Dance All (Motel Costes Mix)"" by The Easton Ellises
""Buddy Guy"" by Podington Bear ()"

How do students react when high school boys are treated like women in Congress?? CLICK HERE to find out!
Доктор счастье (2017) Фильм Мелодрама
Мелодрама Доктор счастье. Радость материнства главной героини фильма омрачена трагедией - её новорожденный сын тяжело болен и ему требуется срочная дорогостоящая операция. Высокопоставленный чиновник Кирилл, с которым у Вари долгие годы была мучительная любовная связь, отказывается признать отцовство и помочь спасти жизнь ребенка. Варя стоит перед драматическим выбором: отказаться от сына и отдать его на усыновление в семью богатого любовника, где он получит полноценное лечение, или попытаться самой бороться до конца. Но тогда даже её единственная опора - врач роддома Ярослав не может гарантировать, что ребенок выживет.
Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #11
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It's compilation o'clock!

That's It
Bunker Blaster
The Race
The Wire
Mothman 2
La Comedie
Death Plus
The Cup

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