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Lil Wayne's Near-Death Experience | Hip Hop Awards 2018
Thanks Uncle Bob.

Lil Wayne shows love to the man that ultimately saved his life after his wild near-death experience and reminds the world how much the love of his family and fans means to him as he continues to carve out his legacy.


#LilWayne #HipHopAwards2018 #HipHopAwards

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*EXPLOSIVE* DEATH CHECKERS in Fortnite (Custom Minigame)
Death Checkers in Fortnite Battle Royale. Enjoy!
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Невезучий Жнец.  Короткометражный мультфильм про смерть
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Короткометражный мультфильм про смерть
На данном канале представлены лучшие короткометражные мультфильмы.
Большая коллекция смешных, прикольных и трогательных короткометражных мультфильмов со смыслом.
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Земфира - Любовь как случайная смерть | Зелёный театр в Земфире
Режиссёр: Рената Литвинова

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Heal Them To DEATH?! | OTK Zombie Heal Death Priest | The Boomsday Project | Wild | Hearthstone
Disguised Toast revisits and old friend, in form of a deck. The Healing to Death Priest aka DeathByLove. How will it match against the decks in Wild?

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Mario VS Sonic Death Battle REACTION!!!
Mario VS Sonic Death Battle REACTION!!!

Here we are another month and another new Death Battle episode, make sure you check out the link to see the full video but hope you enjoy the video and my reaction. If you did enjoy the video Like, Share & Subscribe!!!

Original Video: watch?v=nabMFIDhw6c

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Pedro's Death  [One Piece #849] Uzumaki Khan Reaction
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One Piece by Eiichiro Oda and Toei Animations

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. All rights to clips and music belong to their respective owners.

#UzumakiKhan #OnePieceepisode849
My Only - …a death (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


Artist: My Only
Song: …a death
Album: 'regret was' (EP, tba)
Hometown: King's Lynn, United Kingdom
Facebook: myonlyregretwas
Instagram: myonlyregretwas


And so I find myself, call me a tragedy bound for better things. There’s no-one else here holding me. There’s no-one else here …holding me (back).

I never kept my head in spite of mounting contempt. I always told myself of love without regret. Was I scared of …a death? Despite all that I felt. Never kept my head (my upset) in spite of all that I felt.

For what felt like forever my head fought my heart. You tore my aspirations apart. Spending all my breath in the dark (my life in the dark, but moments missing you) forlorn; a place I called home. Had I been there, then I could have saved me.

Now I’ve found myself, a tragedy bound for better. Mourning the death of me opened my eyes and saw a blessing in disguise. Mourning the death of me.

There's no regret I've held inside if fortune's on my side. Is fortune on my side?

My forgotten feeling, please be there when I fall. Unprepared for …a death of me. There's no regret I've held inside.

With your arms around me, you’ll be there when I fall. Unprepared for …a death of me. There's no regret I’ve held inside.

Hindsight shed light on flaws I never knew. A lifetime in the dark but merely moments missing you.


Recorded and produced by
Lewis Johns

Mastered by
Kris Crummett

Video production
Zak Pinchin

Video production tech
Danny Ridealgh
Dji. Death Sails
Simpals Animation Studio (located in Moldova) produced its fifth short animated film "Dji. Death Sails".

Dji is a terribly unlucky death who doesn't seem good at his job. This time he has to take the soul of a pirate stuck in the middle of the ocean, but that is easier said than done!

Directed by Dmitri Voloshin
Music: Valentin Boghyan, Valentin Shkirka, Vladimir Kolesnikov

Final Dance: "MirLic" Theatre under the direction of Maxim Dorofeev. Authors: Maxim Dorofeev and Pavel Mikhailov.

Official website:
Join us on Facebook: hfails/
Production blog:
Godsmack Mourn Death of Guitarist's Son, Postpone Tour
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Короткометражный мультфильм о смерти. Смерть дизайнер.
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Короткометражный мультфильм о смерти.
Добрая история о маленьком Жнеце Смерти, которому удается реализовать свой талант к дизайну модной одежды.
На данном канале представлены лучшие короткометражные мультфильмы.
Большая коллекция смешных, прикольных и трогательных короткометражных мультфильмов со смыслом.
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Смерть в прямом эфире Instagram. ДТП с участием двух девушек, ведущих онлайн трансляцию в instagram.
Нелепая смерть в прямом эфире. Алкоголь и руль. Скорбим. Не повторяйте так!!!
*NEW* DEATH RECORD in Fortnite Battle Royale! (Dumb Challenge)
Today in #Fortnite #Season6 I set out to help people out with their world record attempts in the brand new gamemode! Hopefully you guys enjoy!
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-FIRST: Activate the PACK-A-PUNCH (ring the four gongs in each shrine, kill the champions, collect their heads then place them on the spikes in the TEMPLE)

-Go to DANU-RA TEMPLE ENTRANCE and find the collapsed gate. Shoot the fire bowl in the distance.

-Next, go to the BRIDGE of the RA temple and look toward the arena. You'll see a fire pointing at one of the TOWERS. Go to the TOWER that the FIRE points at to FIND a STONE HEAD. The possible locations it'll appear in ARE:

RA - bottom floor behind a fire brazier

DANU - bottom floor in the water

ZEUS - Bottom floor in the blood bath, in one of the corners under the curtains

ODIN - Bottom floor right next to the big cauldron in the center of the room

-COLLECT three pieces to BUILD the ACID TRAP

-2 items (chain and large gear) are in the TEMPLE, bottom floor

-Last piece is collected by completing THREE CHALLENGES. You can accept a challenge by finding the Banners around the area. Reveal them by attacked (meleeing) the rope beside them.

-Now built the ACID TRAP, then place the STONE HEAD on the grate under the ACID TRAP.

-ACTIVATE the acid trap to melt the head to reveal the SCORPION KEY.

-Once you get the SCORPION KEY, you'll need one more item. To get this last item, you MUST have MAX CROWD AFFINITY for two rounds.

To get max crowd affinity, look at the skeleton hand on your HUD. If it's giving a THUMBS UP and glowing GREEN, you've got max affinity. BUILD UP affinity with the crowd by fighting in the ARENA area and completing challenges.

-Once you have gotten MAX AFFINITY for 2 rounds straight, you'll get the "GIFT OF SERKET" which is a jar that is throw in from the crowd. Collect the jar.

-Now go to the bottom floor of DANU and find a HOLE in one of the trees. Insert the SCORPION KEY into the hole, then place the JAR underneath it.

-Now complete the round and collect the FULL JAR. With the full jar, go find the MYSTERY BOX and look at the side of it. You should get the option to POISON IT.

-POISON the MYSTERY BOX then open it. The first item you should get is the DEATH OF ORION.

-The DEATH OF ORION can be pack-a-punched to become the SERKET'S KISS, which is significantly better.
Yasopp's Tragic DEATH and Usopp's Future in One Piece
I believe Oda foreshadowed Yasopp's death many years ago, like he did about Portgas D. Ace. I found many similarities, so I decided to make a video about Yasopp's possible death, Usopp's future and their connection to Blackbeard Pirates' sniper Van Augur. I hope you will enjoy! Subscribe for more!

Previous video: 8 Devil Fruits With Special Abilities ------------------- watch?v=lSmEL8U-XxM

Music: watch?v=JjJ-la31veY
#Yasopp #Usopp #OnePiece
A Kid Talks to his Terminally Ill Grandpa About Death | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids
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Curious kids meet--and interview--people with particular points of view.

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Divertissement Kevin MacLeod ()
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

A Kid Talks to his Terminally Ill Grandpa About Death | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

#HiHoKids #KidsMeet #Kids

HiHo Kids
СМЕРТЬ ПОД ПАРУСОМ (1976) детектив
Преуспевающий врач-онколог, доктор Роджер Миллз, пригласил компанию своих друзей провести время на его яхте. Через несколько дней он найден убитым выстрелом в сердце. За расследование принимается местный полицейский сержант Берелл и спешно вызванный на подмогу приятель Иена Кейпла мистер Финбоу.
Some people question what happens after Death?

Answers tonight!!!!!

call in 515-605-9327
Things Get EXTREME in Death Match Between LAX & OGz at Bound for Glory 2018!
LAX take on King & The OGz 2-on-3 after Konnan was taken out earlier in the night, and things get EXTREME in their Concrete Jungle Death Match!
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Top 10 Facts - Death
A video about the end of existence and what may or may not lie beyond. I explore the nature of aging, the never ending quest for immortality, the stiffness of hanging, the dismal origins of the Grim Reaper, near death experiences, and a bunch of spiritualistic ambiguity.

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Keith Anthony Holden - Dawn


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